Restaurant Franchising

  Be a Part of Restaurant Franchising

Restaurant franchising is a great way to start your first franchising adventure. The statistics on starting an independent restaurant, completely from the ground up, can be quite intimidating. So many stand-alone restaurants fail within the first year, and even more restaurants fail to stay open for the second year. By being a part of restaurant franchising though, it is possible to still run an independent and successful restaurant, while being supported every step of the way by a larger organization. As a franchise, you will let the larger organization do the tricky work of figuring out what is successful, and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. Restaurant franchising will help with everything, from the decor inside your building, to the menu selection and options. Be a proud restaurant owner, while still working with the safety net of a larger support network and organization helping you every step of the way.


At Crafthouse Franchising, we are proud to help franchise bar & grill opportunities. Our franchises like to keep the restaurants independent, featuring the local craft beer, spirits, and food from the area. Each one of our restaurants has over 100 craft beers and ciders available in bottles or cans, and over 50 craft beer options available on tap. Plus, our restaurants are filled with delicious food options. We understand that every town is different, and that is what makes each town so special. The beauty of Crafthouse Franchising is that we want to highlight what makes your city special, so we work to source all local beer, spirits, and food. Keep your local flare and independence with Crafthouse Franchising.