Entrepreneur Opportunities

  Help Starting a Franchise

It can be a great feeling working independently. Not only are you able to be your own boss, but you can make key decisions about the way a company or business is run. While many people may seek entrepreneur opportunities, they can be quite difficult to find, and even more difficult to finance. So many people enter into entrepreneur opportunities without really understanding the market, the industry, or how a business is run. There is a reason why so many bars and restaurants fail within the first year of opening. Changing market conditions and unsuccessful operations are usually a key component to failed businesses. Working with a successful franchise company can help turn all of that around. At Crafthouse Franchising, we not only have a successful business model, backed by years of experience, but we are able to allow you to be the entrepreneur you want to be. Our franchises are centered on independence and a certain local flare.


Starting a franchise does not have to be difficult. At Crafthouse Franchising, we have some easy minimal requirements to be part of our franchise team. Further, once a location is selected, our franchising opportunities require a minimal fee and commitment to cover marketing fees and royalties. With Crafthouse Franchising, we want each one of our bars and restaurants to be unique, and to follow in line with the local flare and favor of the town or city where the restaurant is located. This means that starting a franchise with us still gives you the independence you are looking for, while still being backed by a successful team. We regularly work with our franchisees to fully understand the business plan, proper business set up, and help them keep an eye on market conditions and trends. We want your Crafthouse Franchise business to be successful, just as much as you do.