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Craft Bar & Grill

Crafthouse is an upscale Bar & Grill offering patrons a unique opportunity to sample what their local neighborhoods have to offer as well as having a chance to sample craft beer and spirits from across the country and the Globe!

Crafthouse is offering Multi-Unit and Single Unit franchise opportunities across the United States to qualified investors, groups, and individuals. To find out more about these opportunities contact us and schedule an appointment below.

Customize your Franchise &
Craft your own Crafthouse

Crafthouse Franchising has multiple opportunities available for future franchisees as well as investors. 

Single Unit & Multi-Unit Franchises Locatiions Available

Meet our CEO
Evan Matz

Evan has over 30 years of experience in the service industry. Evan opened up his first restaurant location in Arlington VA in 2012, then opened his second location in 2014 and the third location in 2016.

Evan’s years of experience and extensive background in accounting, taxation, strategic business development, client relations, commitment to achieving peak standards of performance enabled him to effectively manage and direct multi-faceted operations and enhance operational efficiencies. Evan was able to direct and lead his organization to exceed its organizational objectives and thus allowed him to effectively take each company to new levels.

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